Sunday, July 27, 2008


Those who know Ashton, know that he is crazy, crazy about dinosaurs!! So you can imagine his excitement when Tia Monica told him the dinosaurs had arrived at the Australian Museum.. for months he had been asking to visit the museum. I was a little worried because for a while there his favourite movie was "A Night At The Museum". I was concerned his expectations might be the same, but after much discussion he understood that the dinosaurs would not come to life and was happy to still visit.

The day was great. The museum was very hands on, everyone had a blast. Logan kept saying "ook, ook"Fascinated with everything she saw.

The first dinosaur we encountered was the Brontosaurus... Ash demonstrates his long neck

When we hit the dinosaur exhibition I have never seen Ashton's eyes move so fast from one spot to the next... it was hard to keep up with him. We spent a good while there looking at fossils, Dino skeletons, teeth, claws... unreal!!! They had a large projector with a reenactment of a fight that took place in QLD hundreds of years ago. Ashton had to watch it twice!!

This one is from Argentina Lelo!

One corner was called the lab you could create your on dinosaurs on a computer, Dig for fossils, read dinosaur books and examine a large plaster of a mountain where they found bones, claws and fossils they had this expedition on a slide show.. pretty fascinating!! Ashton says he wants to dig up dinosaurs when he is bigger... I keep trying to teach him the title 'Paleontologist' after all he has to learn to say it before he can be it!

Ashton's favourite dinosaur is the T.Rex (what 4 year old boy's isn't!) so when we hit the carnivores GRRRR lots of fun until...

...Until Mr REX tried to eat Ash! AHHHHH run for your life!!!!
The Museum also offered a kids spot where there where various stations to explore. Insects, feathers, stories, dinosaurs, magnifying glass, under the sea, and drawing... Logan went straight to the drawing... guess where Ashton played??
Like I said.. DINOSAUR CRAZY!!

The Phantom of The Opera

Finally the time had come. We bought front row tickets some time ago and we were very excited to attend. This is the second time Phantom hits Sydney shores. I was in high school last time and it was our first Musical. Wow the impact was so great that we become Crazy for musicals, well I know I did.

So the night was a bit of a reunion, with our spouses added and our adopted siblings Pete and Hayley. We had dinner at the casino and with full bellies.. some too full... Neil! We were off to see the show and it was Amazing!!

We had all Lead cast which means Anthony Warlow!! And I have to say this man gave me goose bumps as he sung! He was amazing well deserving of our standing ovation! Of course my other favourites were Christine Daee' (Ana Marina) and Carlotta (Andrea Cerighton) These women can REALLY hit a note!!

For those who have not seen it.. it is a must for all walks of life, a definite experience!

You walk out wanting to be in the production!! Good job Dad and Pete... so Realistic!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Logan Angela is Two

Can you believe our little princess is two. It has been such a wonderful roller coaster of fun!! We decided to keep her birthday small due to so much happening this month, but when you combine the Kirby's and the Caballeros.. nothing is small!!

Logan had been singing Happy Birthday to her self all day. She had also been practicing her candle blowing, So you can imagine how upset she was when Ashton blew out one of her candles!

So we tried again this time Micah held Ashton back in case of any repeats!!

But in came Emma!

Kids! Gotta love them!

Friday, July 11, 2008

My 30th Back to School Party

What a wonderful night! Everyone put in so much effort with their dress up. We had science teacher, librarian, we even had a lolly pop man (Yayo!) Gaby came as the school nerd. We put a kick Me sign on his back he was very funny he even walked funny!!

The hall was set up so everyone had something to do. There was hand ball, skipping, table tennis school desks with work books and pencils, chalk boards, dancing and of course the biggest hit the Canteen! Thankyou so much to our Canteen ladies AKA- Mum, Yaya, Carina. who worked so hard feeding the masses. I hope you had fun telling them to keep in line and stop pushing in!

Angela and Wendy were the school captains and they just did a wonderful job, organising and decorating. We had cheerleaders perform So cute! (Some of my Primary Kids). They had an embarrassing slide show of my life... yes i do sing on it!.. You should have been at the party because I will never post it on the net! What can I say Wendy.. revenge is sweet!! (cue evil laugh) HAAHAHAAA!

Gaby and my dad recorded some family phone calls from overseas it was so special to hear their loving birthday wishes and love.

I'm so grateful for all who helped and participated to make this night so much fun! Next party 60th he he well maybe sooner! Hey I'm South American we can't help but party!!!

Check out my Slide Show!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Little Miss Logan

Logan Angela was born 13 of July 2006 she comes across as extremely quiet but its the quiet ones you need to watch. From the moment she was mobile she was into things draws, DVDs bathroom you name it at she had left her mark there.
Logan has always been a very clever little girl too. At less than a year old she was able to hold a pencil in a perfect pincer grip, she has great problem solving skills and understands instructions better than some adults!
She loves to play on her own and makes up her own games. usually consisting of a dolly and a blanket or sheet or any other piece of clothing she can find. She is a little miss that's for sure she loves dressing up. She loves shoes like her Tia Angela.. boots are her favourite!

Her world revolves around Ashton she simply adores him! If she is given something she always gives it to her brother and asks for another. From a young age she looked out for Ashton and made sure he was treated equally. Although now she is realising she can blame things on him too. In the car the other day she did a fluffy.. Her Noni asked Lula was that you.. "No Ashi did it" Ashton was at school that day..
Logan also has a special relationship with her Daddy she always asks where he is and is the first for a cuddle. A really daddys girl! We love our children so much they give us so much joy everyday is an adventure that we look forward to embarking.

Ashton Our No.1

Ashton has always been such a joy in our lives. He is very Active and is always up to something.
He was born March 14th 2004 After a 12 hr labour. Which when i think back was a good labour, he did however have some complications he had fluid in his lungs and had to be in special care for the first few days of his life. This was very difficult for me as all I wanted was to have my little angel close.

Well my wish was granted Ashton has always been close to mummy. He always played around my feet or in which ever room I was working in. Logan now helps him break away and do his own thing but he is never to far from me! I must admit I love it!

Ashton has a great connection with his cousins Micah and Sebastian he calls them his Brothers. Cousins to him is a distant thing If he loves you then you are his Brother or sister! Nathaniel, Braith, CJ and Emma all fall into this category too! He has such a big heart and is always thinking of ways that he can see His 'Brothers' ... Although when they get together they can get pretty rough! Boys will be Boys!

Ashton Loves his sister so much. He is always teaching her something he truly leads and guides mostly for good! They have a really great relationship they make a good team!

How It began

Neil and I were married Oct 26th 2002 exactly one year and one day after he returned from his Brisbane mission. We were friends prior for about four years.

In March 02 Neil asked me on our first date... I had been sick all day but was not about to say no! (after all he was very good looking and what you call a bit of a catch really!) Our dating lasted about a month.

Things went really well really fast.. Neil proposed to me spontaneously at the temple one April night

So romantic... So special

We were married in the Sydney Australia Temple
We had five bridesmaids and groomsmen So it was lots of fun. Our reception was very big... I'm South American we don't do small! Quakers Hill chapel was transformed into a beautiful paradise. Following which we went to Fiji for our honeymoon. So nice So beautiful!!

We now have 2 children and one on the way....
Life is a roller coaster and I’m loving the ride!!
And as for the little cutey on the bottom left of the photo.. well that is Anael Fuente, who continues to be a little close friend of mine.