Monday, February 1, 2010

Ashtons first day of BIG school

Today was such an exciting day for us, our first child was hitting the big world! I was so glad Neil was able to take the morning off to share this experience with us. Naturally as soon as I got the chance I became the paparazzi...
Once we got to school Ashton started to rethink his choice of hat, He had choosen to buy the "Indiana Jones style" hat rather than the Base Ball Cap. He looked in the playground and nobody had their hat on, the bell hadn't gone.. no teachers.. who wears a hat! Neil reassured him that it was fine not to wear it if he didn't want to... buy the end of the day he had ripped the string off it and we haven't heard any more complaints since... we'll see how long it takes before he asks us to buy him the cap!

How cute does he look!

As for me I was tough I didn't cry.. much! he he Well at least I stopped crying before any other parents and children arrived! It was pretty overwhelming but I was ok... again grateful Neil was there... My Rock!

Emma started on the same day. They are in rooms next door to each other, so they get to see each other every now and then during class time.

They look so cute! Emma looks like a midget! he he

When we were escorted to our rooms we were thrilled to Meet Ashton's 'Male' teacher.
When Ashton saw him he turned to me and said,
"Oh cool his a man! You can go now mum, he will help me if I need something!"
How cute and how sad he doesn't need me anymore... well at least till we get home again...
mum... mum... mum... Gotta Love it!

I am so grateful for my brave little.. I mean Big boy! We look forward to many more exciting school days to come... Logan has already asked when she can buy a uniform!
NOOO! Not yet, Not my princess!!

One last hug with daddy before we go... and Noah gives Ash a few pats on the back.
Love My boys!