Monday, May 25, 2009

Wow its been a while!

It has Been too long! I am so sorry Ricky and Gillian have been telling me to blog. As you can see since Noah arrived, time and sleep have not been very kind! Not that Noah isn't a great sleeper but along with Logan and Ashton's night terrors.. and Noah feeding.. my head is spinning and about ready to pass out any minute! :-)
.. but just because I haven't been blogging doesn't mean I haven't been snap happy.. I have tones of photos that I'm just going to pop up here I hope you enjoy them and they get you through your work day (Gill!)... since its already 11.15pm I'll put some up today and some tomorrow... I hope! ;-)

Carina asked me to take Photos Of Chelsey For her blessing day.. she was quite a character! I didn't pop any crying shots here but there were plenty! These were my favourite.. in pursuit of the one!

Her blessing was lovely, Our last little Cousin to be born into the family... unless Carina and Robert plan on a Fifth! he he The forth was a surprise. We welcome this little cutey! so petite so beautiful She reminds me of a little bird!

Robert always has so much love for his children... These Photos capture it to a tee!

Scarlett holds our new Nephew Chase Hyrum A little Angel

She is such an adoring mother, I love these pics

Sisters Sienna and Azalia

Oh I love my Yayo looking after little Jeshua

First Smiles of

Happy Noah enjoying the park after the blessing

My little sunshine.. Logan

Logan and her Sebastian

He is such a good cousin. Always looking out for her.

Gives me flash backs of me and Michael

Jarom, Sebi, Logan, Ashton and Micah

Ash and Lula...

Best Friends!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Noahs Blessing Day

Noah is growing so much, At birth he was a big baby and now he is just growing at such speed! Its heard to believe he is a new born! He looked to big for a baby blessing more like a 6mth old with not much body control! he he We waited for my parents to get back from Arg. So his blessing was on the 5th of April. It was so lovely to see Neil and the men in m family holding our precious little boy. I'm so grateful for the priesthood in my life! I'm grateful that my children will grow up with the priesthood in their home. We had our large family attend along with many close friends. our poor chapel was busting at the seams! It was a lovely meeting.

Extended Caballero Family

Extended Kirby Family

Nana and Lelo

The Great Grandparents Yayo and Yaya

Our Growing Family

My Angela and floppy Noah

My Best friends Angela and Mickey

Part of the Garghan Family, Gillian, Angela and John
The Delgado Family

My Beautiful Sister/Best friend/Partner in Crime!

Harrison already adores little Noah... deemed to be best friends

Mum made Noah a cute cake

Angela made her adorable cupcakes!

Ashtons 5th Birthday

Wow I can't believe our son is 5!!!

Ashton wanted his birthday at Hungry Jacks and Requested a MONSTER CAKE..
I must admit it was a lot of fun to make and very yummy... Even though it did turn everyones mouth green and black from the icing! he he

All his cousins were there and some best friends!
Micah, Ashton, Sebastian, Isacc, Isabella, CJ
Micaella, Anael, Emma, Logan, Santiago, Harrison, Azalia, Braith

Everyone say Monkeys Undies!!!!

My Nephew Beautiful Braith
Princess Lula

Ashton's buddies Isaac and Isabella

It was a real lovely afternoon, the children played, ate and had a ball!
And of course so did the adults CHATTER CHATTER CHATTER!!
Thanks for the presents guys.. Ashton Loved them!!!