Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Noah Mario Kevin Kirby

The nine months at long last is over and our newest baby has finally arrived. Noah Mario Kevin Kirby. Labour was 8hrs of agony weighing in at 4.2kilos/9.3pounds, well worth the pain! Neil and Mum were wonderful so patient and loving I really appreciate their support! Noah arrived 8.37am.. ensuring for sure that my parents would miss their flight to Argentina at 9am. Crazy! A big sacrifice from two very loving Parents/Grandparents who would not leave the country until I had given birth.
Noah has been a joy since his arrival so calm and precious. He and Neil have bonded well. He is so cute with his new son. So far he is my first Aussie looking child. Definitely a Kirby. His eyes are blue, I know this can change but as for skin and features Kirby Kirby Kirby...
My little Snowy Nowy!

Ashton and Logan are just thrilled to have a new baby brother. Ashton has requested two more another boy and a girl... hmm we'll have to see about that!

Logan has become my little helper. she takes the nappies to the bin, she holds him when I'm getting my self ready. She is constantly kissing him and looking after him with blankets and toys. She is just so beautiful. The signs of a great mummy to be!

Noah is named after his grandfathers or as we call them Lelo and Poppy.. Mario and Kevin. Two wonderful men with hearts bigger than the planet. They each are so loving and caring always willing to help in any way. Their grand kids are nuts about them and they play the grandad role perfectly! Neil and I are so grateful to have them in our lives and in the lives of our children, We love them to pieces!

We had so many visitors at the hospital everyone had cuddles to share!

Noni Kirby

Tia Monika

Tio Jony and Auntie Scarlett

Yaya and Yayo came bearing gifts of fruit salad and yogurt YUM!! best ever!!!

Gaby, Micah, Sebi and Portia came by after celebrating Sebastians Birthday which was Feb 2nd also. What a great present for Sebi a new cousin to play with. Portia brought a cake to the hospital and we sung happy birthday to Noah and Sebi.. So cute!

Auntie Tahne, Tia Wendy Uncle Will and Harrison

Tia Angela and Auntie Gill
Tia Wendy and Miss Emma
Daddy gives baby his traditional first bath

Our Handsome little man!!

Love Love Love!!!

Our Eternal Family