Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures!!

I haven't been on the computer for a long time! So much has been happening but as always, I have had my camera with me to snap the happy shots!! Neil has Finished uni for the year.. I still don't see him as much as I would like because now he has started full time with the firm. Its all good though I steal him when i get a chance!! Above is a recent self taken picture of us at darling harbour, just after Neils work Christmas party at the Hilton Hotel a real lovely night. We got to bed around three not a good idea when your as big as i am with children who don't believe on sleeping in... Still it was worth every moment!
We have had some crazy months, some very scary weeks and some fun days and, as the days progress... so does my belly, it is getting so HUGE! we only have 1 month, 2 weeks and 4 days left.. not that I'm counting he he seriously though this has been the fastest pregnancy so far! i guess because we had so many babies due before me and now with Christmas so close it will only go faster!
Here are a mixture of shots that capture our life for the last few months...
.....well at least the high lights!!

My kids adore their grandparents, if they are not saying can we go to Nana and Lelos house they are saying can we go see Noni and Poppy. Wendy's kids are the same. So these are our, We love Poppy shots,

Monika and Michael had their birthdays at a great Brazilian restaurant.. all you can eat Parilla (BBQ).. what more can the men ask for!! It was a lovely night, it was great catching up with everyone and eating lots of yummy food!! The best part was the Gelato on our stroll through Leichhardt Yum Ice Cream my favourite!

Wendy, Monika, Michelle, Me and Cross eyed Micah... Crazy boy!!

My diva cousins Michelle Jennifer and Monika..Ka the Birthday Girl!

Veronica and Michael the Birthday boy

We were all full except the never ending stomach... Robert!!! Still searching for more!!

In Oct Ashton participated in his first Primary Presentation... He was so cute he knew his part.. "The scriptures teach us about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ" he spoke loud and didn't need any help... as for me yes... tears in my eyes, they are growing up so fast!!!

Logan has become more easy to take picture of.. my smiling girl loves to say monkeys undies for the camera.. anything to get that cheery shot! Funny Little princess!!!

We had our playgroup fun day the children had a ball on these spinning cups, they rode them an easy 10 times.. In these shots Emma, Logan, Melody, Sebastian and Ashton

Sick shot!!

Also in Oct we had our ward camp, It consisted of Rain Rain and yes more rain. So, where there is rain there is Mud.. and where there is mud.. well there is children!!
All the parents were telling the kids to keep out of the mud.. hmm were is the fun in that!?!
I just got my camera! he he Go for it Kids!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Who needs a pool when you have giant buckets!!

Spring has finally arrived and WOW so has the heat! The kids have had a blast playing outside on the trampoline, with their tents and of course with water! After purchasing these large buckets for washing, we decided to trial them out as mini pools.. well the results were awesome the children played in these for well over an hour. and they just looked adorable! Fun days ahead I love the summer... but its gonna be a hot one! I'm going to have to purchase a super sized bucket to fit me and my belly in!! he he he

Lazy Days!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jeshua Jonathan Caballero

Oh my today i got to meet my new little nephew... Jeshua Jonathan Caballero... the kids have already nick named him Jes! What a lovely experience to spend time with my big brothers first born! He is such a divine little thing. He looks like a miniature Mario.

I was so thrilled to see Portia and Gab with their precious gift from God. I have waited for Gaby to experience this Miracle and Joy and to see him with, tiny... yet very chubby, Jeshua just touched me immensely.

I love my brother so so much I am grateful for this blessing in his life. He is a wonderful man with so much love and joy to give. I look forward to seeing him raise this little boy and the love and laughter they will bring into our lives. He already is a great father.. and now he gets to have his own 'mini me' ...I'm so happy for him!

Logan was is in love with her new little cousin. Everyone was keen to have a cuddle.

This little one makes Yayas eighth Great Grandchild wow.. still more to come Yaya!!

Logan was mesmerized with Jes.. Gaby tried to explain to her that he was a "he" not as she referred to him as "She" Logan then proceeded to explain to Gaby that No, he wasn't a he, he was in fact a dolly... How can you argue with that... he looks like a doll.. perfect in every way!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Nathaniels Fancy Dress Party

Our little Fairies Logan + Azalia and Super hero Ashton aka Ben Ten

The Funky Bunch.. Anael, Sebi, Ash, Micaela, Isabella and Micah
Natty birthday party was a big hit Ashton went as Ben Ten and Logan dressed in her fairy outfit her Noni gave her for her birthday. Natti went as Optimus Prime.. of course our kids are all transformer CRAZY! They had a wonderful time running around on the Delgados new turf, jumping on the jumping castle and playing lots of games. The most fun though was the pinata... that unfortunately was made of cement, nobody could break it thank goodness Shantelle, Natties big sister jumped in to save the day.. lollies for everyone.. even me! Happy No.4 Nathaniel!
We love you!!

Dancing away the Rain! ..... Aug 18th

It's been so cold and wet the last few weeks, Justine Clark has a great CD to take away rainy day blues.. Ashton and Logan always break out into dance when She is being played but on this particular cold Aug day they decided to dance with their umbrellas. Angela gave them these umbrellas some time ago and they are often used as inside props! As long as its fun and safe I'm all for it!