Monday, October 26, 2009

7 Years Today

Wow today is our anniversary. We have been married for 7years now and oh boy it has just flown by! I really wanted to blog today and recognise this special day.
I am so grateful for Neil in my life. He is such a hard working person. He loves the lord so much and always gives his 100% to serve him. He is such a lovely husband and a great father. I am grateful for the blessings we have had. Our 3 beautiful children have brought us so much joy!
Today also Neil attended his last class for his Law degree.. He still has a few exams but I cant believe after so long his studies are over and and he is enjoying his profession. I am thrilled with the new adventures come. I look forward to the coming years together... I love you babe!
Many people, mainly my mum complain that they haven't seen our wedding photos... I have scanned some I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed reminiscing!

Sydney Temple

Kirby Family

Got to have the beach Shots!

6Couples in the bridal party plus two flower girls

Skye and Angela
Best man & Maid of Honor

Beccy & Andrew

William and Wendy
Aaron and Michelle
Mickey & Dipack were also a part of it but their photo was so bad they
will thank me for not putting it in!
Our First Dance

Caballero Crew

First meal together.. and Our first pet
Notice the little fish on the left.
Every table had fish as a centre piece

Cutting the cake

The real cutting of the cake

I untied the bouquet so lots of girls could take a flower home,
with the hope that they would be next!

The guarder, I think Jony caught it!?

Farewell off to the honeymoon!
After the Wedding went to Beautiful Fiji.. So so Nice!

All ready to start our lives together...

Monday, October 12, 2009

For my Boy

Dearest Baby Noah,
You have been such a joy in our family. Let me tell you a bit about what you have been upto... From day one you have been a placid. You used to sleep so much!

Now you do still love a little noni, but waking up at night and pulling mummies hair and scratching daddies face seems like much more fun than sleep!

You produce the cutest smiles, you always cheer me up when I'm feeling down.
You love our crazy noisy home.. always bouncing up and down, cheering your siblings on as they race around destroying the house with mummy in hot pursuit.

When you wake up in the morning Logan is the first to run to you singing you songs and giving you toys to suck on. She loves to play mums and babies... so i often find you wrapped in blankets with logan fussing over you!

Ashton loves to teach you things he brings you toys, and reads you books. He trys to teach you words, so far your means of communicating has been a fake rough cough.. and when someone responds coughing back, you are thrilled bouncing up and down coughing.
Ashton says "Noah and I will be palientologist together and go on adventures finding dinosaurs!... but he has to stop drinking mum-mums first!"

The Other day as your daddy came through the door, home from work ,you looked up and said "Dadda dadda..." You sure know how to make your daddy Melt!
He was thrilled with his clever boy.

You don't really like mushed food you love to be able to hold it and throw it if the need arises. You are Mr independent always trying to do things on your own.
Even if at most of the time, you have no idea!

You are now sitting so confidently and when I turn around you are in a different spot. Not crawling yet but one heck of a wriggler.

Tinkerbell is your good friend she loves to snuggle up to you.

She doesn't mind when you pull her hair or her tail as long as she gets a little scratch.

You love talking to the little boy in the mirror, he is as cute as you are!

My favourite one of your gestures, is the pat on the back you give me every time i give you a cuddle. So friendly, so cute!

I am so grateful to have you in our life.
You make us so happy...

I love you Little Noah!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Wow its been a while!

It has Been too long! I am so sorry Ricky and Gillian have been telling me to blog. As you can see since Noah arrived, time and sleep have not been very kind! Not that Noah isn't a great sleeper but along with Logan and Ashton's night terrors.. and Noah feeding.. my head is spinning and about ready to pass out any minute! :-)
.. but just because I haven't been blogging doesn't mean I haven't been snap happy.. I have tones of photos that I'm just going to pop up here I hope you enjoy them and they get you through your work day (Gill!)... since its already 11.15pm I'll put some up today and some tomorrow... I hope! ;-)

Carina asked me to take Photos Of Chelsey For her blessing day.. she was quite a character! I didn't pop any crying shots here but there were plenty! These were my favourite.. in pursuit of the one!

Her blessing was lovely, Our last little Cousin to be born into the family... unless Carina and Robert plan on a Fifth! he he The forth was a surprise. We welcome this little cutey! so petite so beautiful She reminds me of a little bird!

Robert always has so much love for his children... These Photos capture it to a tee!

Scarlett holds our new Nephew Chase Hyrum A little Angel

She is such an adoring mother, I love these pics

Sisters Sienna and Azalia

Oh I love my Yayo looking after little Jeshua

First Smiles of

Happy Noah enjoying the park after the blessing

My little sunshine.. Logan

Logan and her Sebastian

He is such a good cousin. Always looking out for her.

Gives me flash backs of me and Michael

Jarom, Sebi, Logan, Ashton and Micah

Ash and Lula...

Best Friends!