Monday, October 26, 2009

7 Years Today

Wow today is our anniversary. We have been married for 7years now and oh boy it has just flown by! I really wanted to blog today and recognise this special day.
I am so grateful for Neil in my life. He is such a hard working person. He loves the lord so much and always gives his 100% to serve him. He is such a lovely husband and a great father. I am grateful for the blessings we have had. Our 3 beautiful children have brought us so much joy!
Today also Neil attended his last class for his Law degree.. He still has a few exams but I cant believe after so long his studies are over and and he is enjoying his profession. I am thrilled with the new adventures come. I look forward to the coming years together... I love you babe!
Many people, mainly my mum complain that they haven't seen our wedding photos... I have scanned some I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed reminiscing!

Sydney Temple

Kirby Family

Got to have the beach Shots!

6Couples in the bridal party plus two flower girls

Skye and Angela
Best man & Maid of Honor

Beccy & Andrew

William and Wendy
Aaron and Michelle
Mickey & Dipack were also a part of it but their photo was so bad they
will thank me for not putting it in!
Our First Dance

Caballero Crew

First meal together.. and Our first pet
Notice the little fish on the left.
Every table had fish as a centre piece

Cutting the cake

The real cutting of the cake

I untied the bouquet so lots of girls could take a flower home,
with the hope that they would be next!

The guarder, I think Jony caught it!?

Farewell off to the honeymoon!
After the Wedding went to Beautiful Fiji.. So so Nice!

All ready to start our lives together...


Wendy V Kirby said...

AWWWWWW how sweet! Glad to be apart of all the fun! And I'm eternally grateful for the fact that we married brothers... Best decision we've made together i think!!! love you xxx

Kirby Family said...

True, True.. I would recommend it to anyone...Although Scarlett and Vienna did it good too marrying best friends!

Jony and Scarlett said...

Great photos... it's nice to live in an age where we can capture them and have them to look back on! You both look so young!

7 years sounds like such a long time. Jony and I have been together about that long and it only feels like a short while. Yet I think of you and Neil as having been together much longer. It must be the kids... I'm sure it feels alot longer some days with the 3 of them keeping you busy.

We are so happy to have you and your growing family in our lives. Must be great to have the stress of all the exams over. See you at Christmas or Carols if you can make it!